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Foundations Of Knowledge Essay

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Ho et al researched passion at work environment; precisely they concentrated on how job passion may affect employee work performance. Job is “an activity that occupies a major part of many people’s lives”(2011:p.40), therefore this study may benefit firms, managers, employees and scholars. After reviewing previous literature, the authors have problematised the definition of job passion as “imprecise, incompatible, or completely lacking”(2011:p.26), they also identified the gap of linking job passion with employees performance. As “there is a dearth of scientific studies that link job passion to actual performance ratings”(2011:p.27), this research tried to confirm this relationship, and checked if “cognitive engagement is the mediating mechanism”(2011:p.27)between them.

The researchers benefited from the premature closures on job passion as they “build on passion ...view middle of the document...

The authors used quantitative research methodology with cross-sectional design. They used self completion methods, they“…conducted…questionnaire-based survey…”(2011:p.34)to collect passion and cognitive engagement data (their primary data), whereas employees performance data was their secondary data and it was available in the company for different purposes. By using quantitative method, the authors believed that passion has an objectivist ontological position, which means that passion is a “social phenomena and their meanings have an existence that is independent or separate from actors”(Bryman and Bell,2007,p22). They also believed that passion has positivist epistemological stance, as they mimicked the research methods of the natural science to measure job passion. They used deductive strategy, so they benefited from the achievements of previous works. Also “deductive strategy reasoning works from the more general to the more specific, and the conclusion follows logically from premises” (Trochim,2006),so deductive strategy is normally simple , brief and easy to follow. However the limitation for using such strategy is that researchers are somehow affected with the previous literature. Moreover deductive strategy is dealing with concepts that have an objective existence, and passion is constructivist concept which “relies on subjective meaning” (Grint,2000 cited in Bryman and Bell,2007,p19).The authors might have used inductive strategy where theory is grounded from data, and it is not suffering from the premature closures. The authors used Non-probability sampling method (convenience sampling), the sample size was large as it comprised of all headquarter employees, 77.7% of the questionnaires were returned, this was a good response rate compared to other researches, for example “…making a response rate of 78 percent”(Bhatnagar,2006) and“…representing a response rate of 85 percent”(Saks, 2006), only insurance sales agents were excluded. The authors surveyed only headquarters employees to save time and money.

After analyzing all collected data, the results shown that harmonious passion is positively related to absorption and attention(p

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