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Four Types Of Research Essay

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The responsibility of law enforcement is to protect and serve the community as well as make sure the law is obeyed by all citizens. In many instances, civil order is implemented by specialized units. The objective of this assignment is to discuss how the United States handles issues relating to civil order control. In addition, this paper will compare and contrast procedures utilized by other countries.
Functions of civil order in the United States are outlined by enforcing the laws of the land, protecting the civil rights of citizens and protect federal property (Feaver, Hikotani, & Narine, 2005). By enforcing the laws, the United States assume the responsibility keeping order in the ...view middle of the document...

The National Guard was very instrumental from beginning to the end of this disaster. They delivered supplies and assist with medical treatment to the hurricane victims. This was the largest deployment in history for the National Guard.
As stated in the Constitution, each state is responsible for protecting life and property within its boundaries (Civil disturbances arise, 2011). State and local governments utilize civil forces to retain law and order. On the order hand, if civil disorder occurs and is unmanageable the forces which as the National Guard and the Department of Homeland Securities will be summoned the re-establish order. The President of the United States has the authority to give orders to the National Guard and the Department of Homeland Securities assist in civil order.
There are several differences, as well as similarities, between the United States and other countries regarding methods to maintain order. Most laws are designed to protect citizens in countries like the United States and England. On...

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