Frank Sinatra Singing It My Way The Voice Of Ol Blue Eyes

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Frank Sinatra Singing It My Way - The Voice of Ol Blue Eyes

The heart throb of many a teenage bobby-soxer in the 1940's, Frances Albert Sinatra's career spanned over seven decades.

"Ol Blue Eyes," or "The Voice," as Sinatra was often referred, took the torch from idol Bing Crosby and continued the crooning craze until the end of his career in the late 1990's.

Sinatra began his singing career in his hometown of Hoboken, New Jersey with a local band called the Three Flashes in 1935. Once "Frankie" joined the group, they were renamed the Hoboken Four. In 1939, Sinatra teamed up with the Harry James Band where he recorded and released his first commercial record, From the Bottom of my ...view middle of the document...

With his career in full swing by the late 1940's, Frankie was constantly the controversial figure in the public eye. Rumored to be linked with the mob, Sinatra was believed by many to be a part of some shady dealings. Under investigation by the FBI for many years, no conclusive evidence was ever disclosed that would prove that he participated in "underworld" affairs.

He was politically public and hob-knobbed with presidents, vice-presidents as well as known mobsters like Chicago Mafia Boss, Sam Giancana. A staunch democrat from his youth, he switched political teams supposedly after being shunned by longtime pal, John F. Kennedy. He was a frequent guest at the White House during several administrations including those of Roosevelt (FDR), Kennedy, Nixon and Reagan.

Sinatra was very outspoken regarding his disdain for rock and roll music. He thought it to be a passing trend and a deplorable style of music. He later recorded songs by many of the rock and roll greats such as Elvis Presley and The Beatles. He was predominantly influenced by jazz and his songs remained true to the crooner style throughout his career.

Sinatra was said to suffer from frequent bouts of depression and today might very well have been diagnosed as bipolar. He openly discussed much of his struggles in this area in a 1950's interview. His personal life was made very public with the growing broadcast mediums and the American publics'...

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