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Northcentral also achieves their mission of "helping students achieve academically and become valuable contributors to their communities and within their professions" (Our Mission, 2012) by holding their students responsible for their coursework. By holding their students responsible they are setting the stage for that student's lifelong service not only to their chosen profession but also to their community. One of the ways Northcentral ensures academic integrity is thru the service of is an invaluable piece of software that allows educators to review their students work for academic integrity (, 2005). By using their faculty mentored approach and the services of Northcentral is living out their mission statement everyday and ensuring their graduates are among the top in this unfortunate job's market.
Online education at any level requires a big emphasis on technology. For example a student taking an online course from 1,000 miles away cannot simply drive to the campus to study at the library. Therefore, any college or university aspiring to dive into online education must meet the needs of these students that cannot spend time on campus. Thus one of the first considerations must be with a library system available to students via the internet or mobile technologies (Shell, 2010). Northcentral's library system not only offers its students access to online databases full of organized full-text articles, books, and other forms of scholarly peer-reviewed materials but also allows students, thru "interlibrary loans" access to books not located within these online databases ( University, 2012).
Besides online delivery of library resources a college or university needs accreditation. The best and most respected accreditation is regional accreditation. There are only six of these regional accreditation bodies one of these bodies is the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools which "oversees the accreditation of Northcentral" . Thus any student accepting the challenge and has chosen to study at Northcentral can rest assured their degree will be well-respected by not only potential employers but other colleges and universities alike.

Values is what sets no only one individual apart from the next but also one institution apart from the other. Coupled with the mission and vision statements Northcertral's values statement set them apart and ahead of their competition in the competitive education market. The values statement is divided into four parts: Innovation, diversity, excellence, and Accountability each just as important as the next.
Technology is ever-evolving and it is essential any college or university looking at long term goals understand this point. It is not enough to build a current and outstanding library system. One must also look into the future and plan for the changes that must be made to keep current with this new...

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