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Fundamentals Of E Business Essay

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INFO1410 Fundamentals of
E-Commerce Systems

Business Coursework

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Legal Issues 3-5

Business Processes 6-11

Real World Example 12-28

Appendix 29-31

Legal Issues

Legal Issues

E-commerce is when buying and selling of goods and/or services takes place over electronic systems, most likely the internet. An e-commerce business has the same laws that all ...view middle of the document...

If there is a product which is legal to purchase and utilise in a foreign country but not in the UK, it is illegal for it to be purchased by a consumer in the UK from the foreign country and it is also illegal for the foreign country to sell it to the consumer in the UK. The e-commerce business based in a foreign country has its own laws and regulations, but as their website is accessible all over the world, they must also follow the laws and regulations of the country of which the consumer is purchasing from.

The UK has regulations which affect the operations of e-commerce businesses; they are formally called the E-commerce (EC Directive) Regulations 2002. It doesn’t matter if the business actually sells goods or not on their website, but as long as they have a presence on the internet they must follow these regulations.

The following information must be provided and should also be permanently accessible. The full name of the trading company should be given somewhere easy to access, e.g. is the name of the website for the National Westminster Bank plc which is a part of the Royal Bank Of Scotland Group. An alternate form of contact other than a contact form page on the website must be given; these are most commonly an email address or sometimes a phone number so the company can be reached in another way rather than just a contact form. A physical address of the company must be given, somewhere on the website it should say where the company is geographically located, it could be anywhere in the world. The company’s registration number should be stated, as well as the VAT number, even if the company is not selling goods online. Prices should be clearly stated, they should also labelled whether prices are inclusive of tax and delivery.

Business Processes

Business Processes

There are many differences in the way business function this could differ through what the company offers i.e. a service or a product, or in many cases what kind of business it is. The new era of e-commerce has allowed e-enabled businesses to buy and sell there product/service online to customers however this modern way of purchasing goods online can differ in the way a person purchases something in an non e-enabled business.

Adding Products to a basket


How It Differs…

One of the major plus points of the add basket method is the “sub-total” as it totals automatically every item which is in your basket which if you was in a store you would be unable to do until your at the checkouts. The basket method is very similar to going in a shop and putting your shopping in the basket however such features such as “remove” and “quantity” make shopping easier for example in a store you may pick something up and have to find...

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