Fundamentals Of Effective Communication Essay

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Fundamentals of Effective Communication in the Workplace
Denise Cooper

Strayer University
May 11, 2014
Darcel Ford
Introduction to Business

Effective Communication
I work in an environment where effective communication is very crucial, since my team deals with both Internal and External customers on a daily basis. For our internal customers we interact with different levels of medical personnel. They all speak and use different terminology according to their profession. Our communication channels include Email, Phone, Face to Face meetings and telephones. For our External customers we Deal with Physicians, Medical Staffing. ...view middle of the document...

Having to call the testing department, and sending emails to the department head. I got the problem resolved and called the physician back.

Table 1
[Table Title]
Column Head | Column Head | Column Head | Column Head | Column Head |
Row Head | 123 | 123 | 123 | 123 |
Row Head | 456 | 456 | 456 | 456 |
Row Head | 789 | 789 | 789 | 789 |
Row Head | 123 | 123 | 123 | 123 |
Row Head | 456 | 456 | 456 | 456 |
Row Head | 789 | 789 | 789 | 789 |
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