Fundamentals Of Effective Communication In The Workplace

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It is very important any type of work environment to have good and effective communication at all levels of the job. My last job, when I was back in NY, I was a camp director for YMCA camp that serviced on averaged 650 children every summer. One of the main responsibilities as the director was conducting an efficient training week for all my new and returning staff. Communication was one of my core training sessions with each and everyone.
In this case, my effective communication dealt with making sure my staff knew how to effectively communicate with all the ...view middle of the document...

Then I went into demonstrations so they could see an example right in front of them, and then lastly I put them all in their own scenario. Doing all three gave my employees a different perspective on what I was explaining, since not everyone decodes the same way.
There are a few reasons why I feel my communication was effective during our training. During the actual training itself, I could see that my employees were understanding what was being relayed and were able to answer my on the spot questions during the training. Another helpful point was having my own superiors there to critique my training and letting me know how well I was doing. The biggest way for me to tell if my communication was effective was seeing the results throughout the summer. I was able to watch them with their kids and the kid’s parents and see them use what we discussed daily. The resulting impact in the last summer working with them was being awarded a 5 star quality service where we normally received 4 stars. The entire camp was reviewed and they spoke only wonderful things about my employees and the way they work with the kids and our visitors. Communication is a foundation to any successful company or business, and without the ending result tends to be chaos.

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