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Future World Essay

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Future World Essay
June 6, 2012

Future World

The Human Genome Project, established in 1990, is a worldwide joint project to detect and make a note of all the areas of every gene of the human race. (genome sequencing consortium. initial sequencing and analysis of the human genome. nature 409 (2001): 860–921) I
This project was stumbled upon with very basic of knowledge of what it could do. The human genome project can be used to eradicate disease by pen pointing the problem and genetically altering or manipulating a positive change. However I do not feel that this is a natural process or that is should be allowed to be used; I believe that God created people as he ...view middle of the document...

Over all, eugenics has engaged in many other ritual types that people today find ethically unpleasant. Is eugenics acceptable? The whole idea or the thought of what genetic altering represents, especially positive eugenics or genetic improvement, can be looked at as attempting to duplicate God’s work. A suitable modesty and respect of restricted human understanding and imperfection is vital for dependable ethical actions.
The term eugenics is derived from the Greek word eu, meaning good or well, and genos, meaning offspring. It sounds good the hear that society might have a chance of breeding good offspring, however, morally and ethically I do not believe that eugenics will improve society. I believe that God’s creation over stands anything that any scientist or person could ever try to duplicate. Genetics are passed from generation to generation and there is nothing that can be done to change that cycle. Society cannot be fixed by false alterations of eugenics, people will follow their ancestor’s blood line, the genes that they were given just as God intended for it to be. If the genetics of a person’s family history was smart, alethic or violent that will be the genetic makeup of that families history, past, present, and future. However there is such a word that exist called rehabilitation, and any person can change the character of their personality, their attitude towards life, and the way they think, but never naturally their physical makeup, for example if a person grows into an adult and their height is five feet three inches, they cannot physically alter their self to become six feet nine inches.
A adequate reason for deciding that genetic enhancement as well as genetic therapy is ethically unacceptable is that it chance great hurt for many in future generations just to provide benefits for a few in this generation. Eugenetics can almost be mistaken for boarder line prejudice, or a form of discrimination amongst gender and ethnicity, is it really important to genetically alter who and what an offspring becomes. The danger in this is...

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