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Gaining Commitment By Creating Urgency Essay

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The session was a follow-up from the session entitled “The Fork in the Road – Connect & Discover”. The aim was to gain commitment from the prospective students by creating urgency. The following areas were covered:

- Why should urgency be created?

- How should urgency be created?

- Component(s) of urgency

ALWAYS get the prospective student to see what is in it for them (WIIFT) by constant reference to their “MOTIVATION”, for example, use phrases like ….. “Remember when you told me earlier that……..”

Why should urgency be ...view middle of the document...

We should build rapport, ensuring at all times that that our voice inflections reflect enthusiasm and excitement. By the end of the interview the prospective student must want more, because of the re-assurance they have received that KU is a good fit for him/her.

Component(s) of urgency.

- The bottom line to speaking with the prospective student is to get him/her to complete the enrollment process. Throughout this enrollment process, deadlines (date and time) must be attached to each component; all the while being mindful of one’s delivery of the reasons behind the deadlines.

- Use urgent words and phrases, all the while keeping at the forefront, the prospective student’s motivation.

In summary, the following STEPS should be followed:

1. Revisit the prospective student’s motivation

2. How will having the degree help you achieve (your motivation)?

3. Why is now the best time (to get your motivation)?

4. Why is Kaplan the best fit for you?

5. What do you need to do today?

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