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Gambits To Look Out For Essay

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Discuss the critical behaviors that you should be mindful of during the negotiating process with the industry members in the scenario. Justify your response.
A negotiation process generates one of four emotions, 1) pride-achievement, 2) gratitude, 3) guilty-shame, and 4) anger. The effect of the negotiator’s behavior is mediated by social motive. It is important to control emotions during a negotiation because it will influence the outcome. Negotiator's appraised a negotiation by using two main criteria’s: valence (success and failure) and agency (self or other), these are part of the cognitive behavior.
Positive and negative moods interpret mood influences when planning a ...view middle of the document...

The Federal government conducts its business through authorized agents, called contracting officers, Procurement Contracting Officer’s (PCO), Administrative Contracting Officer (ACO), and Termination Contracting Officer (TCO). The government is a sovereign entity and has rights that commercial or private sector do not have. Example: they have the right to unilaterally revise the contract, as long as the changes are within the parameters of the contract. The Government has the right to terminate the contract completely or partially for default if the contractor is late on delivery, perform any other provision of the contract or endangers performance of the contract (FAR 49.402-1).
The purchase of a new home or car is slightly different from Federal Government. The buyer is dealing with the seller’s agent; no other parties are involved during the negotiation process. The government has a team in place during the negotiation process. The purchaser of a new home or car does have the option to terminate the deal if the seller is not willing to compromise on price. However, the buyer doesn’t have the option to make a partial termination of a home or car.
Concessions can be negotiated on both government contracts and the purchase of a home or car. The major difference with negotiations with the Federal...

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