Gender Issues Essay

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Chapter 4
“Men sexual activity is assumed and accepted; after all, “Boys will be boys.” Girls may easily get a “bad reputation” and be condemned as “sluts”.” (Women’s Sexuality pg. 175)

This is so true in the society in which I grew up in. I talked about it in my paper where my brother and I were raised different. In high school my brother had his high school girlfriend living with my mom where she had a baby when they were still in school; yet, when I was grown living in my mother house where I already had a child I could not have my child father stay the night with me and sleep in the same bed. I thought this was a double standard not only in my house but also in my community. Another ...view middle of the document...

These reasons alone should not make females any less thought of then a man.

“She argued that it is important to examine media representations of women as key site through which gender and sexual identities are constructed.” (Women’s Sexuality pg.177)

Media plays a major part of how men and women should act and dress and how to attract the opposite sex. Media makes men and women be looked at as sexual being and how we should be when it comes to getting what you want from the opposite sex. In most movies women are seen less attractive when she is being her normal self. She has put more make up on and shows her assets to be seen attractive to her peers. Many guys stray from being “the nice guy” to becoming the “bad boy” that women are more invited too. We see it in magazines, movies, books, and mainly in music. However, media does not just play on one sex trying to fit in it portrays males and females changing their ways to fit in to society. For example the movie “Love Don’t Cost a thing” Nick Cannon is a geek that’s wants to be popular. Eventually, he becomes popular but he also at times sometimes obnoxious to his friends that he had before he became popular. This makes him even more popular. This is often the type of guy the girls in the society I grew up in like. The guys that’s popular and at times rude and I think media plays a major part in this. Other movie is “Clueless” and “Grease” when they make the girl over to be more popular they turn her in to what they think is suitable to be seen by the guy she wants. That’s the society we live in everyone is trying to fit in and not be themselves. Everyone wants to be noticed and media shows us ways to be seen appealing by the opposite sex, though I see nothing wrong with that. Yet many people see this as exploiting the male and female.
Chapter 5
“Dominant U.S. culture often reduces women to bodies, valuing us only as sex objects or as bearers of children. The advertising industry uses women’s bodies to sell shampoo, soft drinks, beers, tires, cars, fax machines, chain saws, and gun holsters, as well as concepts of womanliness, manliness, and heteronormativity.” (Women’s Bodies, Women’s Health pg. 210)

I find this quote to be true; however women have been suppressed for so long that I think now women go too far to be noticed. Yet, I think if that’s going to help sell a product I say go for it. It’s up to that individual female to protest how she would like to be portrayed. I hate when I hear a female say “she makes us look bad” I find this hard to swallow. I think if you carry yourself the way you think is right no one can say that anyone makes you look bad. For instance the sports illustrate magazine, there is always a half-naked women on the cover. Many people question what does women in bikinis has to do with...

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