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General Electric Essay

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MGM 6110  Sección 80 Engineering Management I 16 de Febrero de 2010 Profesor:

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g., journals or text books]. This is an individual project, therefore project will be evaluated with respect to originality and appropriate coverage of topic definitions, applications and discussion. This final project is due on Wednesday February 16, 2011; please return to me via e-mail at (




As you know and as has been discussed in both the media and in everyday life, our world is made up of companies working within an economy that may well be in optimal points and non-optimal points, and this is the case working in this project. One company was chosen in this case that happen to experience the best and bad side of the economy and the many side of management that they applying, that make this company one of the most recognizing and prestigious in the world. The success of any organization is how they apply the different aspects of management. Management is about understanding people and developing good relationships to get the job done. Although this is a valid statement, management processes and components should be established to have an organized and overall management framework.

Companies have had to respond in various ways to the challenges of globalization of markets, the acceleration of product life cycles and technology. The assertion renewed demand from national governments, the intensification of global competition since the days of the 80 stimulated a complicated and demanding changes.

In this project I will analyze General Electric Company. The General Electric Company is an American multinational conglomerate corporation incorporated in the State of New York. The Company operates through five segments: Energy Infrastructure, Technology Infrastructure, NBC Universal, Capital Finance and Consumer & Industrial. In 2010, Forbes ranked General Electric as the world's second largest company after JP Morgan Chase, based on a formula that compared the total sales, profits, assets, and market value of several multinational companies. The company has 304,000 employees around the world.


General Electric’ managerial accounting system should track costs that are potentially subject to the learning phenomenon. It should inform managers how the learning phenomenon affects costs and helps managers predict products. The managerial accounting system should also help managers’ budget costs of production that are subject to the learning phenomenon.


Definition of key topics
There are so many topics that involve the good management skills that General Electric have. These skills are the point of the success of this company. To demonstrate these skills they need to have high energy, high hopes so they can have a kind of a good environment at the work area. Then you have to be patience, that’s because there's continual tension in many companies between the demand for short-term results and the need for a long-term strategy. Feel you can't...

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