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Generation Apple Essay

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Generation Apple

I have chosen Apple as my company of choice. Apple has impacted my life in several different areas throughout the last decade. Their product has assisted me in my education; it has impacted and revolutionized my creativity through software they provide for music, video and photography. I have also been able to use my Apple products at work. Apple began in 1976 when Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak founded Apple Computer Inc. The company had their highs; they were the first company to reach $1 billion in sales. They also had their lows; Jobs and other executives left the company during a management shake up. Today, Forbes lists Apple as #1 Most Powerful Brand, #15 of ...view middle of the document...

When you go into the Apple store of your choice they have a little table with cushy chairs and the nicest MacBook’s available set up with games just for the children. This is proof that Apple is out to get everyone. Apple has made their product useful and available to all people of all age. Product like the iPad and iPod are child friendly and child proof. Parents are able to download learning games, music and entertainment to aid their children in whatever daily routines they might have. Teenagers have been targeted with items like the iPod for music, the MacBook for homework, the iPad for reading and the iPhone for communicating. All Apple products are considered a status symbol among our teenagers. They provide everything you need to get through the day. College student are targeted and reached through the portability, and sleek design. Apple products allow you to have everything you need on all their device whether is be your homework, textbooks, communication, GPS or calendars. Business people and adults are able to design incredible presentations, PowerPoint’s and advertisements with the Apple software. Apple is the product of choice for most people in the fields of photography, video, music and advertisement.

If it were up to me to manage and establish an integrated brand promotion I would work hard to target people in all ages and in walks of life just as Apple has done. However, I would work hard to expand our borders outside of the US and insure that we are just as successful in more countries including Europe and China. I would also make it more available and desirable for schools to have in their libraries and companies in their offices. The “Marketing Mix” would be utilized in every facet of the company. Knowing the product, price, place and promotion of the product our company is providing to the full extent would be my main goal as an individual. We would fully explore all of our options for advertising and promoting using “IMC”.

Apple has been very successful in their branding. They receive a large amount of tv time, they are mentioned in many articles and ads and they are visible throughout the internet. The only source of advertisement I would try to utilize more would be the radio. Although, outdated in a sense it is still very useful and would be heard by businessmen driving to work, students driving to school and moms handling their daily routines. I would also expand the borders of our national advertising and trade advertising. Apple also lacks in sales promotions something that I would employ and creative team to research in order to get our product to those who could not normally generate the funds for the product but who would be great candidates for the...

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