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Ghana Country report
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What does one think of when they think of Ghana? of sprawling untouched grasslands lands and packs of healthy animals, which bring a healthy flow of tourism into the lands? or a bustling modern city with all the amenities one could dream of? In reality, Ghana is a struggling country in regards to their health infrastructure and economy. There are many reasons as to why Ghana is in the state it is in today. From colonialism to the rather recent gaining of their independence, Ghana is a relatively new country and it is no surprise that they are currently experiencing growing pains. Because of these growing pains it ...view middle of the document...

The portuguese brought with them various illnesses such as small-pox and even the common cold which proved almost apocalyptic for the natives of Ghana. (Scheider, 2009). The pathogens were also carried by the new domesticated animals the europeans brought with them. In addition this also brought the arrival of tuberculosis to Ghana. The next explorers to arrive to Ghana were that of the Danish. Again, the Danish brought with them foreign viruses that the natives were susceptible to. These mixture of foreign diseases depleted the Ghanians and made them vulnerable to the exploitation of slavery. The Danish and the Portuguese saw the weak Ghanians as dollar signs and before one could know it they were shipped all over Europe and to the New World. To areas like the Caribbean and America (focused in the south). After a couple hundred years of exploitation by the Danish and the Portuguese, the notorious British empire showed up at Ghana’s door step. In 1874 the British officially declared Ghana a British colony. This brought an influx of British citizens not just the soldier types. With the arrival of thousands of British citizens they brought with them new culture and technologies that would help advance Ghana to a certain degree. Also, with an influx of new people there is of course cross breeding and the sharing of DNA. The sharing of DNA by different people of cultures can complicate the matters further for this can lead to good things such as immunities to complex viruses found in Europe at the time but also bad things for newborns in this mix of gene pool can be introduced to birth defects. (Amofa, 1993). Basically the British were trying to do a good thing by introducing a country to the “modern-age” but really all it did was complicate the country and throw it into a quagmire of sorts. In 1925 the first legislative elections were carried out by the British. (Steiner, 2000) Out of the nine officials elected six were Africans. This can be looked at like a step in the positive direction but all the British did was further lengthen demographic/race tensions. Before, one can start on the modern issues that have an indirect and direct relationship with Ghana’s current health infrastructure woes it is important to have a working knowledge on all the various ethnic groups found in Ghana.

First,It is imperative to realize that Ghana has always and will be a diverse nation with a variety of demographical features. Ghana currently holds a population of 25.9 million (Kwankye, 2015). With twelve million of those people living in rural areas. There are a variety of ethniticity groups seen with the Akan at 47.5 percent, The Mole Dagbon at 13.9 percent, The Ewe at 7.4 percent, The Ga-Dangme at 5.7 percent, the Guarma at 3.7 percent, The guan at 2.5 percent, the Grusi at 1.1 percent. (Langher, 2010) Also, religion plays an integral role in the country of Ghana. Christianity is the most followed religion at 71 percent, 17.6 percent are muslims,...

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