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Glimpse Essay

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A Glimpse to a Rear Soul
I have a peculiar dream last night. As I was walking on a winding dim road, a mysterious voice started to echo at my back. I rummage around and stunned to see a simple lady in a bright yellow dress. In her dusky silky short hair, black alluring eyes, deep dimples in her left rosy cheeks and her tan smooth skin that seems too fragile to touched, she is simply ...view middle of the document...

I bet she came from a wealthy and religious family for she seems equipped with vast fidelity and moral ethics. That she exists within her visions to triumph. She’s deeply in love with God for His words are her path to light. She has a boundless thanks and kisses to her mom and dad. She described her friends like a shining diamond for they are worthless. I thought she is just a face of perfection but I was wrong. She told me her sufferings and how did she encompasses those trials that mould her psyche. As she talked, I stared at her eyes; I could see her determination to progress as an individual and the strength within her. Then suddenly she stop chatting, ‘’ Why are looking at me?’’, she query. ‘’It seems that you are so familiar to me?’’, I input. She just grinned, rapidly hugged me and whispered to my ear, ’’Because I know you more than anyone else in the world’’. Cring! The clock suddenly rung suddenly I was back to reality. I stand in front of the mirror, and Whoa! I accurately catch a glimpse of the young girl in the dream.
I am living, loving and enjoying the miracle of life.

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