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Global Business Essay

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“Ekin” is a transnational corporation. Ekin is our brand to produce the sport item in this world. Our logo is set by our brand name.
Company Logo
Our company is set at Vietnam and factory too. Our companies have produces so many sport item example basketball, football, badminton and so on. The more of the item we produce is sporting shoe. Except shoe, we also produce clothes, pants, stockings, basketball, racket and so on.

Sporting Cloths of Men

Basketball Shoe

Gym Beg
Vietnam is our home country, the main I choosing Vietnam is because of the ...view middle of the document...

The first main of the shoe design is for protect our sole of the foot and ankle, even walk in the long times, our foot may not to be hurt. Second is inside of the shoe can follow your foot shape to change the focus structure on your foot, it may cause your foot in the relax state and no problem of the foot shape of choosing shoe, but just for the normal foot in case. The body of the shoe is made by the softness clay loam, it cause the adjust the shape changing inside of the shoe.
Another of the benefit of the shoe is the autotieing of the shoelace. The shoelace is made by the rubber and addition of the chemical to become the more elasticity. So that it can tie automatically. For the base of the shoe, it design with techfit technology, flexible non-leather upper and mesh lining ensures support and stability, the maximum grip and durability. Although, the energy returning boosts midsole, it can perfectly blend of style and utmost comfort your feet. Last, the perforations on the mesh upper will keep your feet sweat free.
Features in Malaysia
Demographics Malaysia is a very rich resource and population is enough, many countries are not up to the conditions. Body is multiethnic groups live together, multicultural country, Malaysia has been all ethnic groups have equal coexistence state. However, according to the latest data shows, the proportion of the population in Malaysia will after several years appear significant change, the Malays will in 2040 accounted for 54.1% of the total population.
According to the National Bureau of statistics of Malaysia is expected to, Malaysia will breakthrough in the next 40 million populations, 30 years after the population reached 38.6 million, but the ethnic Chinese population will from 22.5 per cent in 2010 fell to 18.4% in 2040, up to 700 87 million people. This means that the ethnic Chinese population will continue to shrink, by 2050, in every 150 people, only 18 Chinese expected.
National Bureau of statistics is expected in 30 years after the country's aging population will be more and more, and the population of 65 years and above is expected to increase to three times in 2010, which will lead to the country in 2021 to become the country's aging population.
At the same time, the number of domestic children (14 years of age) will be between 7 million 850 thousand people, while the potential working population (15 to 64 years old) will rise from 19 million 350 thousand in 2013 to 26 million 600 thousand in 2041.
Population increase is of great help to our economy and our products, can increase the plant and manpower. Population, on the wealth of labor resources, labor price compared to other countries was low and suitable for industrial development of labor demand. Many people, large market, is more business opportunities, many people can purchase products

Malaysia demographics
1997 | 21805835 | 2.57% |
1998 | 22355057 | 2.52% |
1999 | 22896048 | 2.42% |
2000 | 23420751 | 2.29% |
2001 |...

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