Global Business Cultural Analysis: Turkey

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A global business cultural analysis is a tool used in order for one to become more familiar with a culture, more attune to the implications that the culture has on the business conducted by the people group of the culture, and more aware of the attitudinal and behavioral implications a member of a different culture should expect when working with members of the people group. In exploring the varying cultural elements, one examines the role and perception of women, the role and influence of religion, and the role and perspective of time. The cultural elements have an impact on business that should be considered by a U.S. ...view middle of the document...

S. American culture, and discuss the ways these cultural differences influence conducting business.
One may be asking why conducting a research project on the differences between two cultures is important to business. Deal and Kennedy write, “Every business – in fact every organization – has a culture… Whether weak or strong, culture has a powerful influence throughout an organization; it affects practically everything… Because of this impact, we think that culture also has a major effect on the success of the business” (Deal & Kennedy, 1982, p. 4). The culture of a country has a powerful affect on the members of the culture. It is extremely important for a business person to understand the nuances of a particular culture in order to build rapport, gain trust, relate well to the members of that culture, avoid unintentional offensive actions, successfully negotiate, and maintain a healthy relationship with vendors and customers. These reasons remind us about the importance of understanding the culture of a particular country, because that culture will have an influence on how one can successfully do business with individuals and companies within that culture.
The Culture of Turkey – The Major Elements and Dimensions of Culture in Turkey
When studying a different culture it can be helpful to begin with the history of that culture and the heroes revered by that culture because past behavior can often be telling of future behavior. “Heroes are pivotal figures in a strong culture… Heroes are symbolic figures whose deeds are out of the ordinary, but not too far out. They show – often dramatically – that the ideal of success lies within human capacity” (Deal & Kennedy, 1982, p. 37). Kemal Ataturk was the Turkish WW1 war hero who later became the father of modern day Turkey. In his fifteen years as president of the Republic of Turkey, he sought to westernize the country and restore a sense of pride in the Turkish people. “He modernized the country’s legal and educational systems and encouraged the adoption of a European way of life, with Turkish written in the Latin alphabet and with citizens adopting European-style names” (Encyclopædia Britannica, 2012). His leadership helped pave the way for international business to be conducted with Turkey, business that includes transactions with U.S. American companies. His leadership also helped to influence the roles of men and women, the role of Islam within the country, and role that time plays for members of this culture.
The Roles of Men and Women
Hofstede’s Research. Hofstede’s research of culture is widely known in the intercultural
business field, and his work also serves as a primary source for providing a strong foundation for this research section. Hofstede’s wisdom and insight provide a framework for the discussion on the importance of looking into manhood and womanhood. His section on masculinity and femininity are especially helpful in shedding light on the...

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