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Company Project of Marriott

A Writing Project Submitted in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the MBA Degree
Course: HOSP 6509
Prof. Kim

Chunzi Wang

Oct 22, 2012

Company information
* Company history
Marriott International is one of the biggest and finest hospitality business groups around the world. It owns a variety of famous brands which includes Ritz-Carlton, Bulgari Hotels & Resorts, JW Marriott, and Renaissance. All these brands represent luxury accommodations and services as well as unique visual experiences. Marriott emphasizes on improvement of guests’ satisfaction and loyalty. It also focuses ...view middle of the document...


* Financials

Table 1Marriott’s Financial condition | |
$ in millions | 2007 | 2008 | 2009 | 2010 | 2011 |
Sales | 12,990 | 12,879 | 10,908 | 11,691 | 12,317 |
Net Income | 696 | 362 | (346) | 458 | 198 |
Profit Margin | 5.3% | 2.8% | (3.8%) | 3.9% | 1.6% |
Employees Numbers | 151,000 | 146,000 | 137,000 | 129,000 | 120,000 |
Source: Marriott International, Inc. (2011). 10-K Annual Report 2011. Retrieved from SEC EDGAR website
* Civic and community interaction
Marriott hotels Create places of refuge, providing housing, and feeding the hungry. It also helps meet the needs of sick and strengthen the communities where it operates. Additionally, it offers educational support in some undeveloped areas (Marriott International, 2012).
Specifically, it includes:
* Marriott is partnering with Akilah Institute for Women to educate and train 15 young women in Rwanda to open the Kigali, Africa Marriott Hotel as supervisors in late 2013.
* Marriott International annual “Spirit to Serve Our Communities Day” is annual day of service that benefits local nonprofits, schools, parks, hospitals, our beloved veterans, and more.
* For the fifth time, Marriott International, Inc. (NYSE:MAR) has been recognized by the Ethisphere Institute as one of the 2012 World’s Most Ethical Companies.
* Three Marriott branded hotels in Fort Worth allowed Catholic Charities Fort Worth (CCFW) to move more than 250 rooms of furniture, including beds, to the Creating Hope Donation Center(Marriott International, 2012).
* Marriott Bridges Foundations which was established in 1989 aims to enhance employment opportunities for young people with disabilities. This not-for-profit organization offers these people opportunities from school to work (Marriott Foundation, 2012).

* Executives and Officers

Table 2 | |
J.W. Marriott, Jr.Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer | Carl T. BerquistExecutive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer | Anthony G. CapuanoExecutive Vice President, Global Development | Simon F. CooperPresident & Managing Director, Asia Pacific | Edwin D. FullerPresident & Managing DirectorInternational Lodging |
Alex KyriakidisPresident & Managing DirectorMiddle East & Africa | Robert J. McCarthyGroup President | Amy McPhersonPresident & Managing DirectorEurope | David A. RodriguezExecutive Vice PresidentGlobal Human Resources | Edward A. RyanExecutive Vice President andGeneral Counsel |
Arne M. SorensonPresident and Chief Operating Officer | | | | |
Source: Marriott International, Inc. (2011). 10-K Annual Report 2011. Retrieved from SEC EDGAR website

* Board of Directors

Table 3 | |
| Committee Assignment | Company | Title of Outside Director |
J.W. Marriott, Jr. | Chair of the Executive Committee | Marriott International, Inc. | |
John W. Marriott...

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