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God Thesis Essay

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Rebecca Monter Philosophy 101 God Thesis
All through time men of different cultures have been in search of the greatest question of all time.
Is there a God? A great Infinite being who is all knowing, all good, and created this world within which we exist in only seven days with just speaking?
Some of the greatest thinkers of Philosophy have had their arguments and disagreements on this one big question. Some of the philosophers were for God while others were not. It is a question that no one here on this earth can answer.
The argument that states that one should believe in God even if there is a strong chance that he might not be real, because the penalty for not believing, ...view middle of the document...

Should we view that we are truly a piece of Gods art work each of us different and special in own way.
“ Do you believe it to be impossible that God is infinite without parts” (on page 52).
Why would one not believe in a Superior God without parts?
As humans, we are God’s artwork made in his image each different just like the way Picasso did his paintings. None of Picasso’s artwork was meant to look the same when done the same manner as the one before. Different colors were being used, and his vision of what he wanted to paint was never the same, or they would not be a collector's item for all of the centuries. It is that special touch, or God’s fingerprint which makes all of his creations special Each one of us is completely different from another. This fingerprint is what gives us that special touch, just as the paintbrush gave a special touch to Picasso paintings.
A piece of canvas is just that plain, and it will set just plain until someone such as Picasso picks up a paintbrush and paint to begin to create his masterpiece. We are just like that canvas, except our Superior God used clay to mold each of us into his masterpiece.
If there were no God would not this planet that we call Earth always be in disarray and total turmoil? Would strife not always be among people? Would people at their own whims inflict pain upon another? Would this not also make them judge, jury and executioner? Individuals would proclaim themselves as kings, queens and protectors of society? Without letting the majority even have a say.
Therefore, let us consider that there is a high probability we do have a Supreme God, since our earth is not in that type of disarray and turmoil, it would be highly absurd for one not to accept that there is a God who has compassion, mercy and enduring love for his creations.
“Nothing reveals more of a Godless man than the deep abyss of a man who does not believe in God. This is a weak mind a mind that cannot comprehend the splender and the joy of knowing the promises of having that eternal life” (Pascal, Gutenberg Ebook, 2006)
With the statement above I do find it to be a fallacy or should I call it a judgment?
It is as though if one cannot believe in God we should label that person as a pariah or inept. One who should be left to his own devices? I must state that our God gave free will and to label one who chooses not to live as though there is a God it is a judgment. Which we are not do.
“On the other hand Pascal could state...

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