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Michael Martin
Donald Partain
ENGL 102-01
September 6, 2013
Betrayal in “Gorilla, My Love”
In the short story “Gorilla, My Love” by Toni Cade Bambara a young girl named Hazel feels betrayed by adults who do not treat children with respect and honesty. In the story Hazel is riding in the car with Granddaddy Vale, Hunca Bubba, and her little brother, Baby Jason. Bubba believes he has started a new chapter in his life, so he wants his family to refer to him as Jefferson Winston Vale. He shows them a picture of his girlfriend. Seeing that picture triggered a memory of when she went to the movies to see Gorilla, My Love. Seeing that picture of Bubba’s girlfriend reminded her of how betrayed ...view middle of the document...

Hazel really believed that Bubba was really intending to marry her when she got older. Little did she know that he was starting a new chapter in his life and moving on from being Hunca Bubba. He told Hazel, "Well, for cryin out loud, Hazel, you just a little girl. And I was just teasin." At this point Hazel is confused and is upset. He didn’t know she was actually serious. Bubba told her the nicest way he could, “Look here, Precious, it was Hunca Bubba what told you them things. This here, Jefferson Winston Vale." Bambara shows us that children will believe anything an adult will tell them.
Hazel’s stubbornness causes her family to lie to her by building up her self-esteem causing a sense of betrayal. Hazel always thought she was right and could prove everyone wrong. Her family got to the point where they gave up arguing with her. Her mother would just give up and say, “Okay Badbird, you right. Your point is well-taken.” Knowing that Hazel would never give up till she admitted Hazel was right. She acted this way with everyone, even her Aunt Daisy. Daisy was so fed up with, that she also gave, Hazel the impression she was right by saying, “You absolutely right Miss Muffin . . .” Bambara shows us here that building up a...

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