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Gothich Cathedrals: Hidden Tails Of Exploitation Of Men

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Gothic Cathedrals:
The Hidden Tails of the Exploitation of Men

Presented by:
Charles Nasr

Mrs. Dina Baroud
Gothic Cathedrals:
The Hidden Tails of the Exploitation of Men

Religion and church have always been criticized by scientists, physicists and philosophers because they sometimes use people and try to take advantage of their beliefs. Gothic churches, or sometimes referred to as skyscrapers of stone still stand till our days magically and gloriously. Anyone, no matter what his religious belief is and not matter how indifferent he is about architecture can’t but look admiringly to these churches. But, These churches that were supposedly built to bring people ...view middle of the document...

But it didn’t stop here, following the incident a Cardinal from the Vatican visited the town, during his speech, Bishop Renault appeared out of nowhere with two monks holding a box with the Virgin’s tunic inside of it. He claims that during the fire two monks took the tunic and hided in the basement for two days and he described this as a miracle, as a sign that the Mary approves of the bishop’s decision to rebuild the church. Of course no one till this day can be sure whether this story is true or not, but the bishop’s cinematic appearance sure raises many doubts.
The reason behind this is the bishop’s need to have the town people involved in this event and have them engaged and enthusiastic, such massive construction project requires a lot of effort and a lot of money (what’s worth many millions of dollars in our days) that’s why their support by money and by labor is much needed. This completes the chain of lies that the bishop the bishop started to manipulate the town people psychologically and have control over them. It started by making them feel responsible for the incident that went on and transformed into a feeling of frustration that was caused by the loss of their so called protector then into a feeling of false victory after the reappearance of the tunic which made the town people feel responsible for building this project or else they’d let Virgin Marie down.
Chartres is a very small town, its population back then did not exceed the 10,000 person, that’s why building such huge cathedral required the donation of what’s equal to tens of thousands of dollars (in our days). It is almost impossible to just rely on the people’s faith and spiritual duty to donate such amount. The criteria followed by the bishop were very smart to have control over the people and make them vow to do whatever they can to help rebuild the cathedral.
However, although they donated everything they have. It wasn’t enough; the bishop started seeking donations from all of western Europe. Again to prove the importance of that “miracle”: because of the lack of communication tools back then, an unbelievable theatrical story of a miracle had to exist...

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