Government Essay

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English IVB (AKA English 12)  
Activity | Points | % of Total |
Discuss | 90 | 7% |
Exam | 20 | 2% |
Explore | 10 | 1% |
Final Exam | 100 | 8% |
Journal | 80 | 6% |
Practice | 250 | 20% |
Quiz | 390 | 31% |
Test (CST) | 100 | 8% |
Test (TST) | 200 | 16% |
Total Points for the Course : 1240 |

Unit 1: The Romantics |
Lesson 1.1: Introduction to the Romantics |
Activity 1.1.1: Study - Historical and Literary Context |
(Documents: Study Sheet) |
Get an overview of the historical and literary context for the reading. |
  | Duration: 40 min |   |   |
Activity 1.1.2: Quiz - Comprehending the Study |
Take a quiz to assess your ...view middle of the document...

  | Duration: 20 min | Scoring: 10 | Points Earned: _____ |
Activity 1.2.7: Practice - Analyze a Poem |
(Documents: Practice Assignment, Practice Guide) |
Write a brief analysis of a poem from the readings. |
  | Duration: 1 hr | Scoring: 50 | Points Earned: _____ |
Lesson 1.3: Frankenstein and the Gothic Novel |
Activity 1.3.1: Study - Gothic Literature: The Dark Side of Romanticism |
(Documents: Study Sheet) |
Learn about Mary Shelley her novel Frankenstein and the genre of literature she helped create. |
  | Duration: 40 min |   |   |
Activity 1.3.2: Quiz - Comprehending the Study |
Take a quiz to assess your understanding of the material. |
  | Duration: 20 min | Scoring: 10 | Points Earned: _____ |
Activity 1.3.3: Read - Excerpts from Frankenstein |
(Documents: Reading Guide) |
Read selected passages from Frankenstein. |
  | Duration: 1 hr |   |   |
Activity 1.3.4: Quiz - Comprehending the Reading |
Take a quiz to assess your understanding of the material. |
  | Duration: 20 min | Scoring: 10 | Points Earned: _____ |
Activity 1.3.5: Discuss - Your Thoughts on the Reading |
(Documents: Discussion) |
Share your thoughts on the reading with your classmates. |
  | Duration: 20 min | Scoring: 15 | Points Earned: _____ |
Activity 1.3.6: Study - Writing Workshop: Multiple-Perspective Analysis |
(Documents: Study Sheet) |
Learn the basics of writing a literary-analysis paper that examines a work from a variety of perspectives. |
  | Duration: 40 min |   |   |
Activity 1.3.7: Quiz - Comprehending the Study |
Take a quiz to assess your understanding of the material. |
  | Duration: 20 min | Scoring: 10 | Points Earned: _____ |
Lesson 1.4: Skills Workshops |
Activity 1.4.1: Journal - Respond to the Reading |
(Documents: Journal) |
Share your thoughts about the substance style and impact of the readings. |
  | Duration: 30 min | Scoring: 20 | Points Earned: _____ |
Activity 1.4.2: Study - Nonfiction Workshop: Fun with Logic |
(Documents: Study Sheet) |
Learn the building blocks of analyzing the logic of an argument. |
  | Duration: 40 min |   |   |
Activity 1.4.3: Study - Language Workshop: Bias |
(Documents: Study Sheet) |
Learn to recognize bias and to avoid it in your own writing. |
  | Duration: 40 min |   |   |
Activity 1.4.4: Study - Functional Document Workshop: Writing a Résumé |
(Documents: Study Sheet) |
Explore the art of résumé writing. |
  | Duration: 40 min |   |   |
Activity 1.4.5: Study - Vocabulary Workshop |
(Documents: Study Sheet) |
Learn 10 vocabulary words. |
  | Duration: 40 min |   |   |
Activity 1.4.6: Quiz - Comprehending the Study |
Take a quiz to assess your understanding of the material. |
  | Duration: 20 min | Scoring: 10 | Points Earned: _____ |
Lesson 1.5: The Romantics Wrap-Up |
Activity 1.5.1: Review - Prepare to Take the Test |

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