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Grad School Career Plans Essay

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How will the MBA program fit with my career plans?

My career at IBM has taken a seemingly planned path to bring me where I am today with the corporation. In reality, my career has been a mix of exact choices, hard work, and a bit of surprise.

I began my career at IBM in May of 2004 after receiving my Master’s degree in Electrical Engineering from Michigan State University. I was hired into a technical role as a circuit design engineer working on microprocessor design for IBM’s mainframe System Z servers. The opportunity to design and contribute as a member of a world-class design team was both extremely exciting and intimidating. The engineers at IBM are the best in the ...view middle of the document...

While training and working alongside my fellow IBMers in India, I found that more of my time was spent explaining the operational side of our team and project; onsite in Poughkeepsie these details were owned by senior design team leads and management. In Bangalore, however, I was seen as the expert and was providing guidance that was beyond my normal role. As the team gathered more guidance and learning which was increasingly non-technical in nature for enablement of their future direction, they were in turn fueling a new fire and enthusiasm for my role in our global team. This enthusiasm guided me to pursue management in my career. Upon return to the US, I had a long debriefing with my management on the trip to Bangalore in which I asked to pursue the management career path. Fortunately, my manager felt it was worth pursuing and I was enrolled in education to prepare and to help me decide if management was an appropriate path. Over the next several years, I continued in my technical role while working towards the management goal.

In 2011 I applied to and was offered a management position within my design team. I was asked to take leadership of the circuit team in which I was a member. This new role allowed me to streamline team structure, offer new ideas for value and operational efficiency, and to recruit new talent into the business. Each challenge and day has been exciting, and I am confident in the path I have chosen.

This background brings me full circle to answer the question on how the MBA program fits into my career plans. My career and its many twists and turns has taught me many things, the most important of which is to keep up with change. Whether it is the continually changing space within the IBM business for processor design or the ever evolving dynamic global IT business environment in which IBM strives to lead, all indicators point to a need for flexibility and expertise in any individual that strives for success. An MBA is precisely the tool that will be essential for enabling my continued career growth. I am fortunate to have not only a great employer in IBM, but also to have close proximity to a program here in the Hudson Valley. Although the MBA program is an online curriculum, the ability to leverage all that the program has to offer is extremely important to my success. With hard work and partnering, I am confident that this degree program will be the next doorway to open for an exciting future.

Give a brief appraisal of myself discussing strengths and areas for further development

In my professional tenure at IBM I have been afforded many varying opportunities for on-the-job work experience and growth. This journey has moved from an initial technical focus as I started my career to a management and business related direction in the last few years.

If there is one word I can use to describe and appraise myself it would be dynamic. The work environment at IBM...

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