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GTA V For millions of gamers across the world, few dates hold as much significance as September 17th, 2013. On that day, hordes of eager Grand Theft Auto fans lined up outside of Gamestops everywhere, anxious to get their hands on Rockstar Games's highly anticipated latest addition to the saga: Grand Theft Auto V. Those fans were not disappointed. It is widely hailed as one of the best games ever released for the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360, and is probably responsible for more than one late research paper. This is due to its nearly flawless mechanics, gripping storylines, gorgeous graphics, and enormous open world.
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Grand Theft Auto V introduces a new gameplay mechanic that hasn't been seen in any of the earlier games: the ability to switch between three different protagonists at your leisure. All three have their own unique storylines, as well as distinct personalities and motivations. Though their backgrounds are much more in depth, in order to not give too much away, I can only reveal this: Franklin is a young man who works for a snaky car dealer and gets in over his head, Michael is in the witness protection program and has anger management issues, and Trevor took part in a bank robbery and was falsely presumed dead nine years ago. The only quality they all share is the need and desire for more cash, which they intend to fulfill by pulling off several heists with huge payoffs. If you happen to get tired of one character's questline or personality (I found Michael and his bratty kids to be rather annoying), one press of a button lets you play one of the other two protagonists.
If linear gameplay isn't really your style, you'll be pleased to know that you don't need to participate in the main storyline at all. The fictional city of Los Santos is comparable to London in size, and is positively filled with short mission chains, bars, strip clubs, shooting ranges, street races, and no shortage of hookers and crack addicts. You can do virtually anything. If you see a pretty car, just run into the middle of traffic, drag the unfortunate owner out and...

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