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Graphic Organizer Essay

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Graphic Organizer: The Steps in Business Writing
Planning / Brainstorming - Revising - Editing - Proofreading

Planning – Examine the issue or task; defining the purpose; examine the audience; collect information and facts; choose a pattern of organization; make an outline or create a list.

Brainstorming – Think of all the ideas you can, without judging them. Generate as many ideas as possible. Other techniques include clustering and freewriting. ...view middle of the document...

Set it aside and then write for another 10 minutes, and repeat the process. After about the third free-write several good ideas will have surfaced. It is even possible to have a complete draft by the end of this process.
Clustering is to write the topic in the middle of the page and circle it. Write down ideas that the topic suggests and circle them too. When the page is filled, look for patterns or repeating ideas. Use these ideas to develop reader benefits for memos, survey questions, or content for the bodies of a report.
Talking to your audience can also help involve the audience in the planning process and help to understand the social and political relationships among readers.

Revising – Revising is the process in which the document is changed to better clarify the writer’s purpose and satisfy the audience. You may need to add transitions, omit repetitive parts, or change words to create a uniform level of formality throughout the documents.
Editing - Make surface-level changes that make the document grammatically correct.

Proofreading - Check to make sure the document if free from typographical errors.

Feedback – Feedback is asking for another person’s overall critique of the document, and it almost...

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