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Grateful Essay

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So here’s my story, it was another typical plain and ordinary day for me, yippee. I woke up at around 4 am due to the wonderful melody of my very friendly neighbor’s dog. My class was still at 8am so I tried to get back to sleep but guess what, I can’t.
Tick tock the clock went, great. For the past 4 years ever since I’ve moved to this town in order to pursue my college degree, I’ve been always awakened that very noisy dog. I get up, prepare my breakfast, take a bath, wear my uniform, prepare my bag and leave. I walk going to school with the spare time I have.
Time check, its 7 o’clock and I’m already in school. I go in; I stay at the library and try look for something to entertain me. After a boring while I check my clock again, 7:45, I proceed to my first class. Blah, blah, the teacher talks on and on and I get bored. She calls my attention, looks at me sternly then ...view middle of the document...

I want to be happy, so please, let me be.” Then he left.
I got home, ate supper, prepared for bed, and fell asleep. And then again, I wake up. The dog is barking again, I check the clock, yeah it’s 4 am. I get up, prepare my breakfast, take a bath, and wear my uniform and leave. I walk to school then directly proceed to the gymnasium. I approach my teacher, get my toga, and join in the crowd. Names were called; people whom I’ve never interacted with stepped on stage and received their diplomas then left. Now it’s my turn, I step on the stage, get my diploma, and face the crowd saying, “If it weren’t for my neighbor’s dog, I couldn’t have woken up early for the past 4 years. If I weren’t able to wake up early, I wouldn’t have had the extra time to prepare for school and study in the library. Also, if it weren’t for my very strict teachers, I wouldn’t have learned what I know now, I wouldn’t be standing here today as the batch’s valedictorian. And if it weren’t for that kid I met yesterday I wouldn’t be able to see and appreciate what I have. So everyone, thank you...”

Page 1: Cover page and title (Look for photo like the one in,r:2,s:0,i:151&iact=rc&dur=1634&sig=115671640579526251881&page=1&tbnh=171&tbnw=269&start=0&ndsp=15&tx=129&ty=73 )

Page 2-3: Story (use pretty and big fonts with a lot of spacing)
Page 4: Pwede ikaw gawa? :) REAL LIFE APPLICATION OF LESSON. Something about “Life isn’t about how long you live. It’s about living the remaining time you have to the fullest while appreciating the things that you have.” :)
Page 5: di ko alam. Walang nakakaalam .. names maybe? :)


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