Great Expectations Analysis

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Caitlin Peterson
Mr. Armstrong
ELA 10
July, 5, 2015
Great Expectations Paper

In novels, -and even in life,- actions made in the past can and will affect the future, and “Great Expectations” was a perfect example of that exact thing. The things Pip had done in his early life, shaped his future. The scary convict that Pip tried to leave in the past came flooding back to him unexpectedly on that stormy night, leaving him afraid and regretful. That one night of fear in Pip’s childhood drastically changed the way his life spanned out. Which goes to show, something so seemingly small, can change your life so immensely. That is something Pip has to figure out the hard way.
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Years pass, Miss Havisham relieves him of his duty at her mansion, and pays Joe to have Pip become his apprentice, but somehow Pip is not content. He wanted to be more than the marshes he was raised on. One evening that wish came true. A man named Mr.Jaggers showed up at his doorstep and informed him of his fortune. Pip had the chance to become a gentleman; one that Estella would fall in love with. Just like that his old life was left behind. Pip’s newfound fortune shaped him into a different person. Little did he know, the man so many years ago that scared him into helping him would be the benefactor years later..
The progressions in Pip’s life caused him to grow unappreciative of the things and people from his childhood. After obtaining his fortune, everyone that cared and loved Pip became somewhat shamed upon in his life. He thought of them like they were not as good as him, resulting in Pip cutting ties with Joe and Biddy, though Joe continued to love and care for Pip.
Pip wanted to leave his past behind, but when his benefactor revealed himself as Magwitch - the man on the marshes from his childhood,- everything he had originally thought about his life came crashing down.
Pip had it installed in his mind that Miss Havisham had left him his large amount of money, so he could be a gentleman and win over Estella. Then Magwitch showed up on a stormy night outside of Pip’s house informing him of the truth. It took him a while to come to terms with it, but when he did, he had to figure out...

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