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Great Gatsby Essay

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The Great Gatsby Critical Lens
L.M. Montgomery once said, “We pay a price for all we get or receive in this world." In other words, there are consequences that we receive for all we receive in this society. This quote is true because for, example, something such as winning the lottery is something we get but, we pay a price for this with people feeling entitled to a piece of the winnings, as well as false sense of friendship never knowing if there using you for the materialist purpose. This quote is especially true and best formatted for The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald. The use of literary elements such as setting and symbolism further illustrate the validity of the quote.
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As shown when Gatsby pays a price for living in West Egg which threatens his relationship with Daisy an old money women.
The author reaffirms the quote with the use of symbolism. Fitzgerald uses the colors white, blue, yellow as well as others to help develop and describe certain characters and situations. Yellow is a predominant color in The Great Gatsby serving a dual symbolism role. It represents money and wealth in one area, and corruption, destruction, in another. When Myrtle, Tom Buchannan’s mistress, was killed by Jay Gatsby’s yellow Rolls Royce, Myrtle’s husband was upset and kept referring to Gatsby’s car as “that big yellow car” (141). Wilson’s knowledge of the car’s color led to Gatsby’s death by Gatsby’s car was known and its color and stood for a symbol of luxury and by the luxurious life of Gatsby and stood for myrtles greed. TJ Eckleburg’s glasses that look over the wasteland of America are also yellow. This clearly associates money with destruction because it shows how the luxurious and unattainable lifestyle led by the wealthy can be poisonous and show the grass isn’t always greener on the other side. The color yellow further illustrates the character Daisy named...

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