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Green Banking Essay

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Green Banking

GREEN  BANKING 1.  Title : Green Banking 2. Duration : 04 working days 3. Frequency : 01 4. Nature : Residential 5. Target Group :  Principal Officer or  Equivalent Officer and above 6. Methods : Lecture, Group Discussion, Case Study and Project Visit 7. Resource Person :     BIBM Faculty and Professionals from Financial and other Institutions 8. Objectives a. To discuss/analyze concepts, policies, rules, regulations, instruments and administrative framework related to Green Banking. b. To familiarize the participants with the involvement of banks and other organizations for developing relevant skills. c. To discuss the problems and potentials of introducing Green Banking in banks in Bangladesh. 9. ...view middle of the document...

Policy and Regulatory Environment for Green Banking in Bangladesh, BB Policy Guidelines for Green Banking, Environmental Risk Management Guideline of BB. d. In-house Environment Management in Banks, Online Banking and Green Banking, Energy Efficiency, Paper Saving, Water Saving, Waste Management in Banks. e. Product Ecology, Green Financing of Banks, Carbon Finance, Designing Green Project, Green Finance in Different Sectors-Environmental and Eco-friendly Project, Water Pollution and Restoration, Air Pollution and Control, Solid Waste Treatment, Programmed Forestry and Conservation of Biodiversity,  Risk Identification and Mitigation Technique. f. The Challenges and Potentials of Greening Bangladesh, Issues and Difficulties of Green Banking in Bangladesh. g. Reporting of Green Banking Initiatives, International and National Initiatives, GRI Guidelines. 10. Course No. : TC 07/2012 a. Time :      February 06-09, 2012 b. Coordination Team :      - Md. Shahid Ullah      - Tahmina Rahman 11. Ordinary Member banks of BIBM can nominate a maximum number of three (03) participants for a Training Course / Training workshop. 12. Associate  Member banks of BIBM can nominate a maximum number of two (02) participants for a Training Course / Training workshop.


Green Banking

13.  All BIBM Training Courses / Training workshops are residential. Thus all member banks are required to pay Tk.350 per day per participant including holiday (if any) as food and hostel charges. Thus, for this course the total fees is Tk. 1,400 (Tk. 350 x 4 days). 14.  The pay order / bank draft drawn in favor of BIBM is to be sent at least seven (07) days prior to the commencement of the Training Course / Training workshop.


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