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Green Computing Research Essay

1370 words - 6 pages

School of Business and IT
Postgraduate Diploma in
Information Technology


IT7400 Project Management in Information Technology
Assignment 2 (Part 2 out of 2)

Assignment 2 (40%)
This written assignment consists of two parts submitted separately. Each of them will
contribute 20% towards the final grade (40% in total).

Part 2 - Due on the 14th of June 2016
Project plan for an IT project
This written assignment has to be submitted in the form of a project plan.
Purpose of the assignment:
To test your knowledge, skills, and ability to create a project plan for a complex
business problem and preform risk analysis.
For this assignment, you are ...view middle of the document...

5. Prepare a responsibility assignment matrix in RACI chart format based on the
WBS you created earlier and the information you have on project team
members and other stakeholders. Use the template (ram.xls) and samples in
the text. Document key assumptions you made in preparing the chart.
6. Develop the project baselines including scope, schedule and cost baselines.
7. Create baseline management plans indicating the steps the team will take to
manage variances in the scope, schedule, and cost baselines. Make sure that
you have a good integrated change control process in place. You also want to
address change requests as quickly as possible. Use the template
(change_request.doc) for a change request form. Write a short paper (up to
500 words) that describes how you plan to manage changes on this project in
a timely manner. Explain who will be involved in making change control
decisions, what paperwork or electronic systems will be used to collect and
respond to changes, and other related issues.
8. Prepare the communication plan.
9. Create a risk register for the project using the risk_register.xls template.
Identify six potential risks, including at least two positive risks. Plot the six
risks on a probability/impact matrix using the prob_impact_matrix.ppt
template. Document the results. Develop a response strategy for the negative
risks. Enter the information in the risk register and then include it in your
assignment. Describe the specific tasks needed to implement these
strategies. Include time and cost estimates for each strategy.

IT7400 Assessments – Assignment 2-2


Before you start working on your assignments, please familiarise yourself
with Weltec requirements regarding academic honesty and integrity:
(also attached at the end of this hand-out).

Written assignments must be submitted on the due date.
Extension will be given only in emergency situations (i.e. medical reason, court
attendance etc.), and you must provide documentary evidence (i.e. note from your
doctor) justifying your need for the extension.
If you must miss an assignment due date, make arrangements with me prior to
the due date.
In order to be marked, all the assignments MUST be submitted either via Turnitin
on Moodle site as a Word document (*.doc) or as a printed copy through the
School Assignment Box. No other forms of submission will be accepted.

When marking your assignments, I will be considering several factors :

1. Your knowledge and understanding of the topic.
2. Your ability to critically evaluate the material, decide what is important and
what is not, and judge about the quality of the information you use.
3. Your ability to independently search for the information, read beyond the
prescribed text book, and use proper referencing and citation.
4. Your ability to construct and present a valid argument, support it, and...

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