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Green Paper

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-Statement of who and where
The Right to Education, Prison-University Partnerships, and Online Writing Pedagogy in the US is an article that focuses on whether or not prisoners should be able to have the opportunity to receive an education while they serve their sentence. It addresses the benefits, as well as some of the cons, that can develop from education rights; to the prisoners, as well as the community. The public and the educators are also addressed throughout this article.

The controversy of whether or not education should be available for prisoners is a big problem throughout the United States. Many people feel a deep concern about this issue; due to the fact that nowadays ...view middle of the document...

This shows that overpopulation is playing a big role, because the only other way that the prisons could afford to add an educational program is through outside money, such as donations, volunteers, or increasing the amount that taxpayers would have to pay, which is already a big void to most political leaders, because many Americans would agree that yes prison education is important, but not if they are getting a better education than those that are trying to get financial aid to Universities, because of the lack of grants to those students. This overcrowding is known to be because of the strict drug offenses, which are about 22% of all total prisoners. This increase in prisoners takes money away from the funding for educations, as the government more so just uses prisons to house and punish prisoners, instead of the European methods, which include making sure prisoners have the same educational opportunity as they would if they weren’t in prison. This is polar opposite from the system in the U.S.
-Result is less funding towards prison education
-The denial of prison education leads to the prisoner's mental health declining, which is one of their rights (Physical Health, Mental health)
-Benefits of education, (recividism, our obligations)
There are definitely many benefits to prisoners who decide to educate themselves in prison. Higher education in prison programs reduces recidivism, which is a relapse back into criminal behavior, and therefore reduces crime. With education, it can give meaning and purpose to an inmate’s life and may change their actions for the better. It...

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