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Greenpeace And Palm Oil Essay

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Two opposing stakeholders are the small oil palms growers and the orangutans that live in the rain forest. The orangutans lead an arboreal life and live off of a diet largely consisting of fruit. They just want to be left alone to swing from tree to tree and eat fruit in the rain forest. Smallholders are looking for a way to make money and raise their standard of living. There are not a lot of options in Indonesia and Malaysia for them. One way is to grow oil palms. But to do that they need land and the easiest way to get it is to take land that is currently covered by rain forests. So they cut or burn the rain forest down to grow palms. Unfortunately this destroys the habitat of the ...view middle of the document...

They would also have the benefit of larger numbers working together to inform more people about the issue than either of them alone could do.
Another pair of stakeholders with shared interest is Mars and Nestle. They both need a supply of ingredients to make their products. By both R and D departments working together they could come up with a solution faster than if they worked alone.

Recommendation 1
o This recommendation will enrich the natural environment, the communities in Indonesia and Malaysia, employees of Girl Scouts of America, and consumers. The environment will benefit by not being destroyed. Communities will be enhanced by providing a way of raising the standard of living. Employees will gain a sense of pride knowing they work for an organization that looks out for all people involved in the issue. And consumers will benefit by still being able to eat Thin Mints without harming the environment.
o At the core of the issue is land. The animals need the rain forest. The growers cut down the forest and use the proceeds to fund the plantation. If Girl Scouts of America would work toward finding a way to fund the starting of plantations on land other than rain forest it could save the habitat of the orangutan. They could team up with Unilever, Mars, and Nestle to offer no or low interest loans to fund plantations. Or they could work with foreign governments to offer tax breaks or credits to not use rain forest lands.
o The environment will benefit by not disappearing, allowing the animals to live as they always have. The whole planet works best when...

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