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Group Dynamics Essay

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The Most Important Characteristic of a Successful Group

In my opinion the most important characteristic of a successful group is the Information seeker. It asks for clarification, facts and current information about the group. An information seeker is a very important person in a group because it has the ability to clarify any arguments, ideas and opinions with ease. A very good example of ...view middle of the document...

One of the main problems in a group is that many of the group members sometimes don’t understand the material that is being discussed and more often feel very lost in the process, the information seeker does notice these problems and minimizes it’s stated in the paragraph before, the information seeker gathers facts and current information and it makes it easier for everyone in the group to understand everything that is being discussed. The information seeker also wants to stay current on the topic so it also incorporates a lot of current events regarding the information given. It is very important for an information seeker to keep every opinion and facts in order so the group can get a better understating and keep good moral in the group. In conclusion I do believe that information seeker is the most important characteristic of a successful group for many reasons. To keep all data organize and keep good moral in the group, which leads to successful work and motivation.

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