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Group Imformation Essay

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3.1 Marketing Strategies
The marketing strategies we implemented helped our company keep up with our competition and improve both coordination and performance to achieve our firm’s objectives. The decisions for pricing, advertising, salary, commission and hiring were configured in order to better compete with other companies. The Four P’s of marketing strategy: Product, Place, Price and Promotion formed part of our functional strategy for AMH. The main goal of AMH is moderate growth, customer satisfaction, annual profitability, and the most importantly, socially recognition brand in consumer basic feature goods industry in World 11. It also meet our main firm’s objectives which ...view middle of the document...

1.4. Overall Strategy
The overall strategy for THE MRM Corporation is to offer the highest-quality
healthcare products at reasonable prices to our customers while at the same time giving them the
highest customer service in the industry. We do this by targeting specific needs of our customers
based on studies of each area. This strategy has benefited oiu* company in developing brand
loyalty customers within the healthcare community that continue to purchase our medical supply
equipment on a regular basis. We are committed to steady growth within the industry by
planning ahead for the future and making necessary investments for our company* s continued
s u c c e s s .
1.5. Corporate Strategy
The corporate strategy at THE MRM Corporation is to offer a high quality product at a
standard to higher end price range, tailored to the preferences of the areas we supply. Through
strategic advertising, research and development, employee compensation, and pricing, we have
managed to develop brand loyalty from our customers. We value and reward their preference by
providing them with the best possible medical supply component, while always having their
safety and best interest in mind when developing and producing our products. These combined
strategic metrics have been instrumental in maintaining a fairly high market share and
continuous increases in sales.
Advertising has been a key strategy in setting the direction of our company. We beUeve
in creating brand awareness and loyalty not just through commercial advertising, but through
customer satisfaction that leads to positive word of mouth for our products. This can lead to
valuable feedback, which we encourage whether positive or negative, to always ensure that our
latest product is an improvement of our last.
Strategic funding of our research and development department, both monetarily and in
timing has helped to better customize our products to the preferences of our present clientele, and
in attracting new customers. Being able to anticipate and identify the needs of our customers has
been a high priority that encourages iimovation m our Research and Development department.
The continuous support of creativity will help us stay ahead of our competitors when introducing
new innovative models to the market.
Our employees have been the driving force in carrying out the strategies of our
corporate agenda. From salespeople, to production line employees, to our senior management,
we value their contributions that have driven us in a direction of continuous growth. Through
proper treatment and competitive compensation, we have managed to maintain a dedicated
workforce with low employee turnover, and we ensure that their efforts which form the
backbone of our company never go unappreciated.
Strategic pricing based on regional demand and preferences has sustained us in a
position of high...

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