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Guide To Unix Using Linux Essay

1150 words - 5 pages

Review Questions
1. b cat > Meeting

2. a cal

3. a Ctrl + b

4. d passwd

5. c man cat

6. d System V

7. a Bash shell

8. c cat >> Annual_Report

9. b log in remotely to another computer on a network

10. d the administrative account that has complete access to a UNIX/Linux system

11. c tail –n 2 project

12. a q

13 A SUSE Linux Enterprise
B Mandriva
C Fedora
D Red Hat Enterprise Linux

14. a less
b cat

15. a the users on the local system
C a listing of all authorized users on a system, regardless of whether or not they are logged in

16 d clear

17. d Use the shut Down option even though your coworker may want to access the computer ...view middle of the document...


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