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Gun Control: Pros And Cons Essay

1986 words - 8 pages

Table of Content:
No. | Content | Page(s) |
1 | Table of Content | 1 |
2 | Introduction | 2 |
3 | Gun Control: Pros (i) Disarm and Control Citizens (ii) Better Management (iii) Reduce Crime Rate and Death Rate | 3-4 |
4 | Gun Control: Cons (i) People’s Life Unsecured (ii) Women’s Safety Unguaranteed (iii) Spring Up of Black Markets (iv) Conflict with Democracy | 5-7 |
5 | Conclusion | 8 |
6 | References | 9 |

A gun is a normally tubular weapon or other device designed to discharge projectiles or other material (The Chambers Dictionary). The first devices identified as guns appeared in China around 1000AD, and by the 12th century the technology ...view middle of the document...

Therefore, The Gun Control Act Of 1968 is then arises, to control the ownerships of the guns and firearms. Though the policy of gun control is strongly opposed by gun right organizations, gun control actually brings a lot of advantages to peoples.

1. Disarm and Control Citizens:
People are easier to control when they are disarmed, gun control is not about the gun, but is about control. It is considered as dangerous when citizens own guns. A policeman is allowed to have a gun and use it when necessary. Guns are used to control someone who is going to do something really bad such as crime. Though it is a forceful way, but it is the only way to control madmen. Gun control is a good policy. It is about the owner’s purpose, what he or she is going to do by using a gun. That’s why the policeman is allowed to have a gun but citizens are not allowed. Since policeman is legal to use a gun which means that they are obey the rules, not by their personal emotion. Gun control policy only leads advantages as long as the people accept the control and obey the rules.

2. Better Management:
Another benefit of the gun control is provides better management. Better management refers to the control of the number and spreading of the guns or firearms in a city or area. The control in number of guns will make the authorities easy to obtain the total amount of the firearms in their area. This management can be doing through the registration of the gun owner. The authorities can sort the guns by using a specific series number, coding or a single smart chip to the guns. This method provides the authorities an easier way to manage to know about the gun type. When the gun is lost, the authorities would find the gun in a simpler way. In most case, every nation do this do control the frequency of the guns within the country.
3. Reduce Crime Rate and Death Rate:
One of the advantages of gun control is reduce crime rate and death rate caused by guns. As we know, a gun is a deadly weapon and one of its functions is to kill. The fewer people have it, the better it is. If guns were less widespread in the society, criminals would not obtain a gun easily. Besides, there would be a lower possibility of guns falling in the hands of teenagers or children, preventing accident like accidental killing by teenagers or children who do not know how dangerous a gun is. Hence, the death rate is reduced. Gun control will ensure that there will be a strict check on the ownership of all guns. Before someone owns a gun, their background will be checked before they obtain the gun. This will be applied to other firearms too. Therefore a criminal will not easily obtain a gun. Thus, it would definitely reduce the rate of violent crime. As we know, houses and shops are one of the hot places for crimes to be happened. So, there will indeed be incidences of shop lifting or house theft. With gun control, no more guns would be involving in these crimes, therefore death rate would definitely...

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