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Gun Use Essay

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Should people be allowed to carry gun for self-defence?
The function of gun has been a heat discussion since gun had been created. There are people suggested that guns should be used as self-defence and individuals should be allowed to carry guns. Around the world today, there are countries that people can own gun lawfully and there are some that strictly control gun. It seems true that gun can protect people as well as their properties since gun has the power to cause huge damage in the blink of an eye, but we cannot deny the fact that gun is dangerous and has massive potential threat. With a gun, a person can easily injured and even killed others without much difficulties. People carrying ...view middle of the document...

am, 2013). This piece of data clearly shows that in a society with a large number of people who own guns, the power of police reduces. This situation might leads to a higher crime rate that threatens the safety of people. Therefore, in my point of view, although gun can offer people protection, but a society with less people owning guns would be more harmonious and secure.

People supported the argument that guns should be offered to individuals for self-defence argued that guns help to protect their homes and properties. Having a gun gives those people at least a chance to fight in the situation that a burglar or home invader manages to get in. The fear of being shot is enough to stop those who keep an eye on your property. Unfortunately, guns are unable to discriminate burglars and innocent bystanders. A tragic case that happened in September, 2013 can clearly showed the potential threat of guns. Premila Lal, an 18-year-old girl who lived in New York decided to play a prank that went terribly wrong. She went home late that day and managed to hide in the closet undiscovered, her friend, 21-year-old Nerrek Daniel Galley were inside the house that night. When she jumped out of the closet, the young man regarded her as a burglar and shotted her. Though the girl was immediately sent to hospital, death still took her away from the world. Longmont police described Lal's death as "unintended and extremely tragic" on Saturday (Golgowski, 2013). Studies have proved that unintentional shootings are four times as common as the occurrences of gun use in home defence situations. This is to say, statistically, people would be more likely to shot someone by accident than actually shot an invader. Having a gun inside the house also increase the chance of suicide as people tend to prefer a quick death that exactly guns can offer. What is more, according to figures, 72% of the children or teens dead because of...

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