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Should it be illegal for a pregnant woman to consume alcohol? Consider the legal and health ramifications of your answer.

Allow me to start by saying, that I am unequivocally against drinking alcohol while pregnant. There is no reason for a woman who is foreseeing having a newborn child or already pregnant to drink. Drinking while pregnant can cause many different defects to an unborn baby. Talking from an utilitarian point of view, I would say that she is doing harm to an anticipated individual. Many children have develop Fetal Alcohol Syndrome due to mothers exposing their unborn child to frequent alcohol abuse.

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A few specialists recommend that you totally maintain a distance from liquor when you're expecting; others say that light drinking is unrealistic to hurt your child. The issue with drinking liquor during pregnancy is that there is no sum that has been proven to be completely safe. For that reason I would say if you don’t know of a realistic “safe amount” of liquor to drink while pregnant, why put your baby at risk? Unfortunately in spite of the fact that I am completely against this subject, there is no legal ratification that prevents woman from drinking while pregnant. There is no law that states that a bar tender can refuse to sell liquor to a woman that is pregnant, since that would be considered discrimination. Even though there isn’t a law that states a non-drinking policy for woman, as time has gone by there have been many establishments and organizations that have developed education about birth defects and have shared with those who are expecting, in order to make them aware and educate them on how to keep their baby safe and healthy. In my own personal opinion, I would like to enforce that no woman should drink while pregnant and if they choose to drink no one is to blame but themselves. There is a lot of information and service clinics, including your doctor that will advise you on the right track. Just because there is no law for it, doesn’t mean it is right.

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