Hamilton Case Essay

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A. The network for the given problem is as shown below

B. The various activities given in the case may be broken down into sub-activities as follows.
a. Meet with department heads
i. Fix appointments with department head
ii. Prepare agenda and inform department heads as needed
iii. Meet department heads and discuss plans
b. Appoint move advisory committee
iv. Decide broad advice required from advisory committee and identify skill sets needed
v. Decide various members required for committee
vi. Inform members and get responses
vii. Replace members based on responses
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Get advice and approval from necessary heads
xxix. Create final move plan
h. Establish move admission policies
xxx. Decide what patients to admit during move period based on recommendations of advisory committee
xxxi. Create admissions policy
i. Plan dedication
xxxii. Decide who will perform dedication
xxxiii. Decide events to be held with it
xxxiv. Decide scales
xxxv. Decide event organiser who will organise event
xxxvi. Create official plan
j. Develop police assistance plan
xxxvii. Based on meeting with police, decide on needs and fulfilment by police
xxxviii. Create official plan
xxxix. Communicate plan to police and to heads in medical center
k. Consult with contractor
xl. Fix meeting with contractor
xli. Discuss plans with contractor
xlii. Make changes as needed
l. Decide move day
xliii. Based on all parameters judged, create move day alternatives
xliv. Decide best alternative
xlv. Fix after consulting
m. Prepare final move tags
xlvi. Inventory all the machines and assets of medical center
xlvii. Check with assets
xlviii. Consult finance and accounting department regarding tag accuracy and discrepancies
xlix. Finalize tags
n. Develop patient forms
l. Based on move admissions policy, decide types of patients who will be present
li. Create relevant patient forms
o. Publish plans
lii. Consult advisory committee and all other stake holders with plan
liii. Make changes if needed
liv. Publish plan
p. Modify plans
lv. Look out for further consultation/sudden scenario changes
lvi. Make changes to plan
q. Tag equipment
lvii. Get final tags printed
lviii. Tag all equipment and assets
r. Implement pre-move admissions policies
lix. Deny admission to patients who don’t qualify as per admissions policy
lx. Ensure strict implementation with regular checks
s. Dedication
lxi. Invite dignitaries
lxii. Co-ordinate with event planner
lxiii. Ensure plan is in place
lxiv. Conduct dedication
t. Prepare for patient move
lxv. Ensure all plans are in place
lxvi. Communicate with patients
lxvii. Make sure communication is good
u. Patient move
lxviii. Co-ordinate with police department
lxix. Co-ordinate with transporters
lxx. Move patients
v. Secure old facility
lxxi. Make sure all equipment and people have moved
lxxii. Secure facility
lxxiii. Handover facility to appropriate person

C. The PERT analysis as required and the assumption times taken are as shown in the below table.
From the below table it can be...

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