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Happiness Essay

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Engrained in us, as society and our parents have taught us, is a lifelong goal we must all attain, all must strive to experience, happiness. But as we learn to understand what it means to be happy, as society has taught throughout time, we also learn to understand that there is no clear definition of happiness for it intangible. Thus, upon evaluating the definition of the word happiness offered by Oxford English Dictionary, which defines it as “the quality or condition of being happy,” several questions come to my mind with this definition because of its vagueness. Is happiness a feeling you can describe to others? Is it a physical state of euphoria or is it an emotional state, a ...view middle of the document...

Thus those with the most materialistic objects may appear happy on the surface surrounded by luxurious items and lifestyles, but when in reality, may be unhappy deep down. On the contrary, those that make less and may be on the lower-income scale may actually wake up every morning jovial and content with themselves because they choose to view life with optimism, to be positive, to become resilient to life’s smallest inconveniences that so many of us dwell upon on a daily basis. Valuing materialistic possessions can create a sense of constant worry knowing the possibility of losing them, which can create a sense of fear. When one consistently worries about materialistic possessions for the fear of loss and the status quo associated to more materialistic possessions, he or she can deter him or her from the path to understanding the experience of true happiness. Happiness should not be measured with materialistic possessions but rather, with the happiness and joy one decides to live by when carrying about his or hers everyday life.
So if one cannot attain happiness through materialistic means, then how can one go about attaining it? The goals we set at a young age, the dreams that provide us with incentive, with a purpose to improve, to work harder, to be relentless. Without an incentive or a purpose to keep working day-in and day-out, to never settle until accomplishing our goals, we risk not living with satisfaction in ourselves. We begin to feel we each have our own individual...

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