Hardware & Software Concepts Essay

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1. Why is a peer-to-peer architecture not desirable in a business environment?
Peer-to-peer architecture is not desired in a business environment because it is difficult or impossible to establish centralized control to restrict inappropriate access and to ensue data integrity.
2. How many instructions can be executed by a single computer’s CPU at a time?
A single CPU can only process one instruction at a time.
3. What are the 4 components of a computer system?
Hardware, input devices, output devices, and software is all components of a computer system.
4. The hierarchical division of a complex system that contains additional subsystems into its 
component part is known as what?
This hierarchical division is known as decomposition.
5. Explain what are bits and bytes within a computer’s memory structure?
Bits and bytes are memory that holds different patterns. Each ...view middle of the document...

What does the CGI (Common Gateway Interface) do within a client server three-tier 
A protocol for making communication between the Web server and the database application possible.

10. Explain the difference between ROM and RAM memory within a computer?
RAM- Random access memory/ the main memory
ROM- Read-only memory
11. Explain the difference between Standards and Protocols.
Standards- are agreements to assure that various system components will work together interchangeably.
Protocols- network interfaces must conform to standard agreements, or messages to be understood by both computers during a message exchange between a pair of computers.

12. How does middleware work in a client/server system?
Both clients and servers send all request and response messages to the middleware. The middleware resolves problems between incompatible message and data formats before forwarding the messages. It also manages system changes, such as the movement of a server application program from one server to another.

13. What is a BUS in computer terminology?
A BUS is a bundle of wires that carry signals and power between different components

14. Historically, what are the two major developments in computer network and communication 
that led to today’s Internet?
Protocols & HTTP
15. Name at least three operating systems.
Windows, Linux, and OS.
16. What function does a NIC (network interface card)?
A expansion board you insert in the computer to access network.
17. Name at least four high-level computer languages.
Java, C#, C++, SQL
18. What high-level computer language was the UNIX operating system developed in?
The high-level computer language was written in C.
19. An internal system within a company using a browser and web technology is called what?
An internal system within a company using a browser and web technology is called intranet.
20. What is the purpose and function of DNS (Domain Name Service)?
To identify the IP address of the Web server to which the request is to be sent.

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