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Harley Essay

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Chapter 10

Valuation and Rates of Return

Discussion Questions

|10-1. |How is valuation of any financial asset related to future cash flows? |
| | |
| |The valuation of a financial asset is equal to the present value of future cash flows. |
| | |
|10-2. |Why might investors demand a lower rate of return for an ...view middle of the document...

|If inflationary expectations increase, what is likely to happen to yield to maturity on bonds in the |
| |marketplace? What is also likely to happen to the price of bonds? |
| | |
| |If inflationary expectations increase, the yield to maturity (required rate of return) will increase. This |
| |will mean a lower bond price. |
| | |
|10-5. |Why is the remaining time to maturity an important factor in evaluating the impact of a change in yield to |
| |maturity on bond prices? |
| | |
| |The longer the time period remaining to maturity, the greater the impact of a difference between the rate the |
| |bond is paying and the current yield to maturity (required rate of return). For example, a two percent ($20) |
| |differential is not very significant for one year, but very significant for |
| |20 years. In the latter case, it will have a much greater effect on the bond price. |
| | |

|10-6. |What are the three adjustments that have to be made in going from annual to semiannual bond analysis? |
| | |
| |The three adjustments in going from annual to semiannual bond analysis are: |
| | |
| |Divide the annual interest rate by two. |
| |Multiply the number of years by two. |
| |Divide the annual yield to maturity by two. |
| | |
|10-7. |Why is a...

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