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Harley Davidson Executive Summary Essay

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Executive Summary- Analysis and Conclusion
BUS499- Business Policy & Strategic Solutions

Executive Summary – Environmental Analysis

The motorcycle industry is a consolidated industry. The U.S. and international heavyweight motorcycle markets are highly competitive. The major players, such as Yamaha, Suzuki, and Honda, generally have financial and marketing resources that are substantially greater than the non-major players. Competitions in the heavyweight motorcycle market are based on several factors; price, quality, reliability, styling, product features, customer preference, and warranties.
Harley’s first segment is the motorcycle and related products business. It included ...view middle of the document...

Harley-Davidson’s strategic decision makers frequently include an employee development objective in their long-range plans. Harley-Davidson Company actively seeks good employee relations. In fact, the company takes proactive steps in anticipation of employee needs and expectations are characteristic of strategic planning. Harley-Davidson believes that productivity is linked to employee loyalty and to appreciation of managers' interest in employee welfare. They, therefore, set objectives to improve employee relations. Employees are demanding pay increases, better benefits and incentive plans including flexible hours, telecommuting, lump-sum employee profit sharing, vacation and sick plans, in addition to opportunities for advancement and training (Pearce & Robinson, 2004).
Harley-Davidson invested in its people in order to keep momentum high. The Accenture Human Capital Development Framework enabled the company to take stock of its Human Resource activities and create a comprehensive human capital strategy for the future. Harley Davidson risked losing its competitive edge. The company still had aggressive growth strategies, including achieving greater penetration into markets outside of the US. As a result Harley-Davidson took stock of the state of its HR function and begins using the function to more effectively support the performance of its employees. If Harley-Davidson was to implement its new strategies and remain on its growth path, it had to bring its workforce along in the right way. The challenge was determining what steps to take, both immediately and in the longer term, to ensure that its people continued to perform as well as the company’s products.
As Harley-Davidson learned with their move into China, it takes more than a desire or financial ability to open shop in another country. It took years of discussions with the Chinese government and the helpful persuasion of some American diplomacy to open the first dealership in that country (Clutch & Crome, 2008).
Harley-Davidson’s legal team...

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