Hcs/490 Health Care Consumer Trends And Marketing

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Communication Paper
March 16th, 2012
Carol Sweigert

Communication Paper
The intent of this paper is to ascertain one specific mode of communication used by consumers and healthcare providers. The communication modality that was chosen was electronic medical records (EMR’s).
This paper will first define what an EMR is, then list and discuss several different modality aspects (as it pertains to EMR’s) to include, benefit to the patient and how the EMR differs from other modes of communication. In addition, this paper will explain one reason why the EMR is an effective means of communication between consumers and ...view middle of the document...

An effective means of communication between consumers and providers
“EMR use facilitated patient physician communication regarding medical process of care by allowing Physicians easy access to checking active and inactive prescriptions and entering patient’s new prescriptions and refills.” (Arar, Wen, & McGrath, et al 2005, para. 9). This reinforces not only the quality continuum of care afforded to the patient; it reinforces patient/physician relationships. “According to Ovid Technologies, Inc. (2000-2011), Electronic medical records allow healthcare providers to access a patient’s medical history instantly which dramatically decreases medical error amongst healthcare provider and staff. For example if I were to go to my local hospital (where I am a regular), unconscious, and their entire EMR system were down, they would have to send for a paper copy of my records but what if they had to give me medicine right away and it just so happens that I have allergies to certain medicine? Due to the absents of the EMR, the probability for medical error would be high in this situation” (personal communication, September 12, 2011).
The importance of maintaining patient confidentiality when using EMR
Trust is the building block of patient/physician care. As technology continues to advance, physicians and everyone and everything involved with accessing patient’s protected health information (PHI) via EMR has a responsibility to prove to their patients that their respect and confidentiality as it pertains to EMR is well looked after.
How the media and social networking change communication in health care
The media and social networking has...

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