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Health And Socail Care Level 3 Yr 1 Unit 9

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In p2 I am going to be identifying the processes and the assessment tools in which could be involved when planning support.
The Cycle of Assessment (The Processes):
The process is for example; a support plan for an elderly or a teenager to have for when they feel it is important to them and for what they would like to change in their life. During this kind of assessment process, a social worker for example, will discuss with the individual what is working and also what is not working and this is to ensure that they are having a good quality of life and this will make it easier to identify what kind of support or maybe even resources they may need to make their life easier. The ...view middle of the document...

Once all of the details are recorded, an assessment can be made and the suitable care and support can be identified.
The assessment tools could be used on a person who has had a stroke for example; the checklists would assess the level of needs in which the person requires.
Assessment tools include individuals making forms, questionnaires and observations about their patients or maybe even the individuals they talk to such as; after a counselling session, a counsellor may decide to send out or give the individual a questionnaire about the session and how successful the session went. Or maybe the counsellor may decide to observe the individual as they are talking and this may be because the counsellor like to see how the person is developing in their session and to see if they are working or not.
An assessment tool is actually a method which is used to gather evidence and this could be for an assessment and this is such as a knowledge test or a checklist of a practical performance.

Assessment Tools:
Checklist The social worker normally has a list of criteria. This is helpful during the initial assessment process to ensure that of the criterions are covered.
Forms It is essential that all of the relevant forms are completed to provide the evidence of the information.
Diary of the Professional This could be used to record the minutes of any of the meetings in which take place, all of the decisions that have to be made and lastly who attended each meeting.
Diary of the individual using the serviceBy keeping a diary, the individual can express their choices and their preferences and this can also evaluate the social care in which they are receiving.
Questions At the initial meetings with the individual, it is very important to ensure that the process is fully understood. This usually requires skilful use of questioning and this is including a combination of open and closed questions and this is because it can lead to a misuse of power.
Records of incidents and accidents To make sure that monitoring and reviewing is undertaken, usually the key worker is advised to keep a record of incidents ad accidents. This can indicate when support needs should be changed or maybe even adapted.
Observations The observations can help to describe the behaviour patterns, the self care skills or maybe even the medical situation of the individual.
Personal Histories A holistic view needs to be undertaken and this means making references to previous medical histories and personal statuses, for example; relationships, carers etc. This becomes central to their current assessed needs.
Flowcharts A flowchart can be used to summarise other forms of assistance that may be appropriate to the individuals.
Discussion Effective communication and the sharing of information within a multi agency team are very important when meeting the individual’s needs. The assessment process relies on a series of discussions which involve everyone in the...

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