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Health Benefits Of Running Essay

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Health Benefits of Running
In the modern community, more and more people choose running for a workout and running has become one of the most prevalent sports. A considerable number of people are accustomed to run every day. Some people like to run in the morning, while others prefer to run in the evening. Generally speaking, not only running is an easier way to do exercise, but also the most important thing is that running is beneficial to health. Running can reduce anxiety, prevent cancer and promote brain plasticity.
Running is beneficial for reducing anxiety. This is also the reason why some people under stress select running. Some people who are under great stress feel relax and ...view middle of the document...

According to Duncan’s research, she claims that “running exercise may reduce risk for lung and hepatic cancer and prevent an ethanol-induced increase in risk for hepatic cancer by enhancing activity of antioxidant and phase II enzymes”(Running exercise). Running will cause a series of chemical reaction in the body by ethanol, superoxide dismutase (SOD), catalase (CAT) and glutathione- S -transferase (GST) and others. It can enhance UDP-GT activity in lung and liver, so running can reduce risk for lung and hepatic cancer which cancer cells live in lung and liver. For female, running can reduce risk of breast cancer is another benefit. In Bernstein’s article, he suggests that “Physical activity offers one modifiable lifestyle characteristic that may substantially reduce a woman's lifetime risk of breast cancer” (Physical exercise). When young females are running, their whole bodies get exercise. Bernstein also states that activity will adjust menstrual cycle even can alter the production of ovarian hormones and it may reduce breast cancer risk. Perhaps this is a useful information for female and this is a way to protect themselves. Therefore, young females should insist on a regular running so that can prevent breast cancer.
Besides reducing anxiety and preventing cancer, running can also promote brain plasticity. The brain is an essential part of the body and the control center of the whole body. What people think and how people behave are all operated by brain. If people want to promote brain plasticity, exercise, including running is an effective way. According to Cotman’s article, she points out that “Exercise could provide a simple means to maintain brain function and promote brain plasticity” (Exercise: a...

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