Health Care Essay

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Health Care

June 14, 2015
Ralph Cannon

LaGrange Med Center is a walk in urgent care facility in LaGrange Ga. They offer an array of services to the public from immunizations to non-trauma emergency care. Their target audience in their marketing campaign is geared toward everyday care and issues. Their marketing techniques are geared toward a patient centered, family first, professional approach. Although their marketing techniques are viable; there are some things that can be done differently to reach a broader audience.
Their target audience within the community is people in need of immediate care or ...view middle of the document...

Although their approach is simple and honest measuring the effectiveness of their approach is not simple. The goal of any marketing strategy is to obtain and retain. Gaining the attention of the consumer is always first priority and retaining the patronage of the consumer is the desired outcome. To obtain this outcome you need a strategic framework for conceptualizing, designing, and scaling your efforts so that both the target audience and the goals of the organization are met. Although LaGrange Med has been successful with their current marketing campaign it lacks the creativity and depth to attract a broader audience that’s necessary to influence growth not just survival.
LaGrange Med understands who their target buyers are, what matters the most to them, and the steps they take to make decisions. Their content is very clear and decisive within their approach. Their ultimate goals are to inform and offer content that is based upon truth and promotes trust. They have achieved their ultimate goals, but there are still improvements that can be made to their marketing strategy to gain the interest of the community. In addition to attracting consumers toward their desired destination, these smaller goals also serve as benchmarks that can help you track and measure the performance of your content along the way.
Consumers now are in full control of the information they get and how they get it. It’s vital to make sure you’re offering content that’s valuable, credible and becomes a resource for these savvy prospects. Internet marketing has changed the landscape of...

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