Health Care Career Report

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Health Care Career Report, Nurse Practitioner
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Health Care Career Report, Nurse Practitioner
Many years ago I chose my studies to begin a career in the medical field. My original goal was to become a Pediatrician. However, at the end of my bachelor’s degree and after many hours spent volunteering at Miami Children’s Hospital, I decided that I wanted a career that would give me more patient provider interaction. I spoke with several doctors, nurses, and other health care providers and decided the best career for me was a Nurse Practitioner. I still have not decided on a ...view middle of the document...

Some nurse practitioners are also able to prescribe medications.
Education and Certification
Education requirements to become a Nurse Practitioner (NP) can vary slightly depending on the specialty, but at least a master's degree education is currently needed. As of 2015 a doctoral degree (Doctor of Nursing Practice or DNP) will be required (, 2012). Normally, someone who wants to be an NP will first attend an undergraduate school of nursing, where they will be awarded a Baccalaureate degree in nursing, and also obtain licensure as a registered nurse. They then generally work for a period of two or more years prior to their entry into an NP program. The NP program itself will vary in length from 1-2 academic years and consist of 500 didactic hours and from 500 to 700 clinical hours, depending on the nature of the program and the school which is chosen. In all 50 states a passing score on an examination is required to obtain a nursing license. There are also 23 states that participate in the Nurse Licensure Compact Agreement, which allows nurses to move to member states without recertifying. All specialties require passing a comprehensive exam to earn certification in a specific area. Certification is also required by the American Medical Association and/or the American Nurse’s Association. While some NP’s can find work right away, others have considerable experience as an RN or work as a physician’s assistant for a few years. All states also have renewal requirements of licenses which can call for continuing education.
Nursing is the largest health-care occupation, with more than two million jobs. Overall, it’s one of the 10 occupations projected to have the largest numbers of new jobs. Nurse practitioners are in high demand to provide health promotion, health maintenance and sick-care services.

According to the American Nurses Association (, approximately 60 to 80 percent of primary and preventive care can be performed by nurse practitioners. The growing emphasis on prevention and public health will continue to create excellent job opportunities for nurse practitioners. As per the 2007 survey data from the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners, the average annual salary for all specialties of full-time nurse practitioners is $86,486.
The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts a 22 percent overall growth rate in the number of registered nursing jobs. This growth will be driven by an increasing emphasis on preventive care; technological advances in patient care that allow a greater number of health problems to be treated; and an increasing older population, creating a larger pool of illnesses needing treatment. Among specific industries in the realm of health care, job growth is predicted to be highest at physician’s offices, followed by home health care services, nursing care facilities, employment services and hospitals. The job growth at hospitals is forecast to be in outpatient services such as...

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