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Health Care Communication Hcs 230 Essay

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What is communication? Communication is the process of sharing information, thoughts and feelings between people through speaking, writing or body language. Communication then becomes effective when the information given is understood by the person who it was given to. Communication is vital when it comes to healthcare by effectively providing information to the patients and their families and also conversing with employees in directing proper health care facilities. Communication may be the key to exceptional patient care. The case can be made that good communication is at the heart of patient safety, cultural sensitivity, and the pillar of healthcare. Aligning a patient’s wishes and goals ...view middle of the document...

Patients require a collaborative effort between the doctors, nurses, aides, insurance companies and others. There are 5 elements that can be effective when it comes to communication in healthcare: the sender, language, environment, the receiver, and feedback. All of these elements play a role to sending and receiving a clear message in which the other person listening will understand. When effectively communicating, these methods will eliminate mistakes made due to lack of understanding.

• How might a provider encourage a reluctant consumer to communicate candidly?
I believe a provider may encourage a reluctant consumer to communicate with them by being honest. It is important to know that any information that is given is correct, honest, reliable thus when a consumer sees this, it will allow them to open candidly. “People are usually most satisfied with physicians who listen attentively and seem to understand what they are feeling,” (DuPré, 2005). Another way a provider can encourage the consumer is by being empathetic to the consumer; the provider must be totally receptive, like a dry sponge drinking up water. This means the provider is comfortable and confident in what they are saying. They must not be judgmental of the, beliefs and backgrounds of the consumer’s choices. The key ingredients would be: Trust, Understanding, Empathy and Resolution.

• How might...

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