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Health Care In Different Countrie Essay

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Documentary Assignment: “Sick around the World”
Great Britain
* Longer life expectancy, lower mortality rate.
* NHS( national health services) covers everyone
* No premium, no co-pay.
* Long wait time to see NHS.
* Pay for healthcare on tax revenue so government owns hospitals.
* No medical bills, no bankruptcy.
* Britts pay higher taxes to cover healthcare.
* Elective care faces difficulties.
* Reduced waiting list my spending more money.
* Patients can choose which hospital to go to.
* Rally for governments to privatize medical plans.
* Healthcare starts by going to the “gatekeeper”.
* GPs are paid fixed amount based on people they ...view middle of the document...

* Pregnant women do not pay but there is a copay for other patients.
* If you lose your job, health insurances slowly changes.
* Not profit made.
* Drugs are cheap.
* Sickness funds negotiate with medical providers for costs.
* Not being paid enough and provide expensive care.

* In 1980s healthcare was worse than Americas.
* Created a system copied from others.
* Insurance benefits similar to US.
* No waiting time or gatekeepers.
* Everyone has to have a “smart card” to go to doctor.
* Lowest administrative costs.
* No bankruptcy.
* Spend too little on healthcare, less than japan.
* Don’t bring in enough money to pay for services.
* Government is borrowing from banks to pay providers.
* Universal coverage and high quality.
* Higher gun ownership.
* No profit on basic care.
* Everyone is entitled to healthcare.
* Insurance can make a profit on supplemental coverage; better hospital rooms.
* Drug companies make more than a 1/3 of profit.
* No bankruptcy.
* 2nd most expensive health care system.
* Its former system resembled ours.

Documentary Assignment: “Sick around America”


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